What is Workhorse?

Workhorse is a new print zine about getting things done in heavy underground music.

Issue #2 with commissioned cover art by Justin Stubbs (Father Befouled, Encoffination).

Doom, stoner, thrash, grind, death metal, black metal, good old-fashioned heavy metal, all those sub-sub-sub-genres that didn’t exist two weeks ago… If it grows from the seed Black Sabbath planted in 1970, that’s our jam.

We pick the brains of musicians and service providers (producers, bookers, labels, artists, etc.) about the nuts and bolts of getting music into people’s ears. Lots of ink for DIY, touring, merch, band management and how this particular brand of sausage gets made. Take a look at the interviews we’ve posted to get a better idea.

The first 1,500 subscriptions to the print edition are free for US musicians and industry folks.*

Just give us your address and we’ll mail it right to you. Questions?

Thanks for reading this far. You’re a trooper.

Posted by Jason Muxlow

Founder of this here publication and guitarist for Witchcryer (Ripple Music) and The Living Fields (Candlelight Records). Also ex-Earthen Grave (Ripple) and Wintering (RIP, little death metal band). Michigan born, Chicago aged, and currently residing just outside of Austin, TX.

* We’re capping it at 1,500 free subs for now but that will increase as advertisers come on board. Free print subs are US-only due to shipping costs. Anyone anywhere will always be able to subscribe to the digital version for free.