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David Paul Seymour

David Paul Seymour has become a ubiquitous fixture and go-to icon in the Doom Metal/Stoner Rock community over the last 12 years. As such, David has a firm understanding of what artwork resonates within the community and what doesn't. With the experience of over 300 shirt designs and nearing 50 album covers to his credit, it has been said by numerous clients that his designs outsell all others at the merch table. Hands down.

His client list reads like a Class Reunion of heavy music's finest alumni. Slayer, Muse, Mastodon, Opeth, Agnostic Front, Brand New, Helmet, The Sword, Graveyard, Kadavar, Clutch, Windhand, Conan, The Shrine, Church of Misery, Cirith Ungol, Slomatics, Khemmis, Vokonis, Nuclear Blast Records, Napalm Records, Wo Fat, Mothership, Forming The Void, The Well, Buzzoven, Year of the Cobra, Destroyer Of Light, Eagle Claw, 16, Gygax, Egypt, and so many more. Literally HUNDREDS more.

In addition to the bands, DPS has done a multitude of artwork for Deathwish Skateboards, Pabst, Download Festival, Freak Valley Festival, Desertfest, Doomed and Stoned Festivals, Gas Monkey, Blood Wizard Skateboards, Moonshine Skateboards and many more.

Additionally, David is the acting Art and Creative Director for the forthcoming animated feature film The Planet of Doom, the exclusive house artist for Asheville, NC's Burial Beer Company and a regular illustration contributor to the legendary UK hard-rock magazine KERRANG!. And a regular artist for Devil's Lettuce.


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Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States of America
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